About Us


In 1978, Mr & Mrs Hosein opened their 1st outlet in the Croisse, San Juan, ‘Hosein’s Food Shack’ specializing in their #1 seller BBQ chicken. Pizza and 99c burgers also topped their menu board. Dhalpuri roti was simply a sideline item at this time (ranging in 20-40 rotis per day), with the skins being supplied by Mr. Hosein’s mother Jameela (the matriarch of the Hosein Family). Another hot seller along the years was their fried chicken and homemade, hand churned coconut ice-cream. As the demand for roti grew, in 1984, Mr and Mrs Hosein opened their 1st roti shop branch at 144 Eastern Main Rd. Tunapuna.


As the years progressed at Hosein's Roti Shop so did the art of making soft and tender dhalpuri and silky smooth buss up shut. We mastered the art of the 'mild-chatak styled' curry (midly spiced curry) which has become our specialty. The demand for Hosein's Roti Shop roti and curry was astonishing, leading to expansion opportunities.
This family run establishment now operates 6 trending outlets which all offer an 'open kitchen concept' allowing the customer the ability to see their roti being cooked in an enhanced sanitary environment thereby giving an extra boost to customer confidence.
Driven by the family's vision and continuous strive for excellence, many innovative methods in enhanced marketing strategies as well as the evolution from solely relying on manpower to the use of state of the art machinery and equipment were introduced and implemented to maintain Hosein's Roti Shop's leadership in a competitive environment.
With over 35 years of experience, Hosein's Roti Shop serves you hot & freshly prepared roti, curries and snack items all amplified by our signature sauces for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the in-between.
With our constant quest to find new and ingenious ways to enhance the customer's experience as well as experimenting with new menu items, our team is always in motion. It's an experience we aspire to make attainable to all of T&T and beyond. Such a tasty experience that it can only be described as "currylicious".


To be our customers’ favourite place for premier fresh, hot and tasty ethnic food. We enjoy going above and beyond to ensure we deliver an unmatched customer experience.




We put our heart into everything that we do.

Speaking with truthfulness; acting with honesty and behaving with professionalism.


We stay true to the company and to each other in good and bad times.


Dedicated to the success of our customers, our employees and our shareholders.


We are constantly evolving and finding better ways to do things in order to increase our efficiency and produce the best output.

Efficiency &


Depend on us to do our jobs to the best of our ability.

We are committed to safe and healthy workplace practices.


“Don’t worry about a thing, because every little thing is going to be alright” Bob Marley “Until the Boss finds out…”


Always work to improve yourself and others; a positive mind always leads to positive outcomes.


Customers are our friends; employees are our family.


We can be fast and flexible, dynamic and adaptive, so we can be successful in our business.